Lalitamba Saranam supports personal growth. Our programming is targeted towards rebuilding a strong sense of self-esteem, developing practical skills, and discovering new talents. Everyone who stays here knows that she matters. Our offerings are ever-expanding in response to the needs and ideas of our guests.

Social Services

A guest stay includes support in applying for SNAP/Food Stamps and Medicaid, free (optional) HIV testing, domestic violence and victims’ services, back-to-work programs, and housing applications.

Life Skills

The life skills program offers group learning about health, relationship, money management, and employment. We also enjoy regular cultural outings for personal development.

Mentoring Program

Everyone has what it takes to move forward with education and a meaningful career. Some of us need a bit of personal attention and guidance. The mentoring program connects guests with professionals who can help to set goals and move towards employment.

Art Studio

We are pleased to offer a mixed-media art studio to encourage self-expression. We enjoy creative evenings together, during which guests may make presentations about their artwork as a way of sharing feelings and ideas.


Holistic modalities, such as Yoga, breathwork, massage, and meditation support body-mind healing. In releasing stress, we build confidence and awaken to the true spirit in all.


Guests are welcome to “shop” at our free boutique, which offers a collection of stylish clothing, shoes, accessories, and toiletries. Whether you’re looking for business attire, exercise gear, or slinky date-wear, you’ll find something you love on our racks. Rescue kitty Dolly is happy to help you make your selection.

Street Outreach

A dedicated team distributes social services information, basic toiletries, healthy snacks, and inspirational books to people on the street throughout New York City.

Referral Services

We provide counseling and referrals to visitors via telephone or by appointment. We are happy to support you in finding the help that you need in connecting to organizations who provide complementary services.