International Relief


We are all relations. As relatives, when we share the joys, they increase. We also share in each other’s sorrows, that they may become lighter. This is what inspires the shelter’s international relief efforts.

Current projects include…

Lakota Nation

When English settlers first disembarked from the Mayflower, they had no idea how to brave the brutal winter. The Native American people helped the early settlers learn to plant and harvest, and shared their resources with them until they became self-sustaining. Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of this first abundant harvest, which was made possible by the Native American people.

Now, our Native American relatives live on cramped reservations. Schools lack supplies, nutrition is poor, heat is scarce in the winter, and there is little opportunity for meaningful employment. Drug abuse and suicide rates are rampant.

We are truly thankful for the helping hand that the Native Americans gave to us when no one else was willing or able to. Now, we’d like to give back with support for the Lakota Nation in South Dakota.

Be a Warrior of the Rainbow. Live the prophecy.

Clean Water for Africa

Young Girl With Her Younger Brother Africa

One of the women who stayed with us hails from Nairobi. So, the idea was born to care for the people of her country. We’re pleased to say that she’s back on her feet, housed and working in Texas. She’s also a board member.

It is our great blessing to help construct wells in East Africa. Water is life. Farmers depend upon water for their food harvest and livelihood. Meanwhile, families depend upon clean water for health and sanitation, and to raise healthy children. With the gift of clean water, hunger and extreme poverty can be alleviated.

23USD will give the gift of clean water to one child in a village, so that the child can grow up healthy, stay in school, and build a bright future.

Thank you for your support!